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Venture Capital News

New York Times

Infighting Threatens to Fell a Venture Capital Firm
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Xfund, a venture capital firm formed in 2011 as technology start-ups boomed, began coming undone last year when the relationship between its two partners soured. The two venture capitalists, Patrick Chung and Hugo Van Vuuren, ...
Harvard-Linked VC Fund Goes Up in Smoke and AcrimonyFortune

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When Partnerships Fray in Venture Capital
New York Times
They say venture capital is a business of connections, of knowing the entrepreneurs with good ideas, the executives who can help those ideas along, and surrounding those people with whatever support they need. At least, that's the idea. The downside of ...


Badger Fund of Funds launches first venture capital fund in La Crosse
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Badger Fund of Funds, seeded with a $25 million commitment from the state, said Thursday it will launch its first venture capital fund in LaCrosse. The Idea Fund of LaCrosse will receive $4 million from the Badger Fund and be required to raise ...



Malaysia launches $100 million Islamic venture capital fund
The government of Malaysia has announced the creation of what it calls the world's first explicitly Islamic venture capital fund to support Muslim-owned startups around the world. It will be owned and operated by the state finance arm Malaysia Venture ...
Spearheading world's first Islamic venture capital fundNew Straits Times Online
Malaysia to help spearhead Islamic Venture Capital fundDaily Sabah
M'sia takes lead in Islamic Venture Capital planDaily Express
The Borneo Post
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Meet the college kid who wants to disrupt venture capital
Rohan Shah, a student at University of Pennsylvania who founded Slice Capital, is one of the entrepreneurs leading the charge. His online portal that connects companies raising early-stage capital with investors of all sizes has the potential to ...


Entrepreneurial Readiness
Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but only those that combine them with the true ability to lead a business end up triumphant. This self-assessment survey evaluates your personal readiness level as an entrepreneur.

Risk Readiness
All new venture capital opportunities have a certain amount of risk, some more than others. This tool identifies the amount of risk in a venture or start-up seeking venture captial based on the circumstances, requirements and features of the business model.

Venture Readiness
In order to get the venture capital you need to launch your business, you need more than just a good idea.  You need to be thoroughly prepared and this tool does just that by walking you through steps necessary for a successful venture.

Business Plan Readiness
This tool allows you to see your business plan through the eyes of an investor.  Along the way, it will point out important areas that must be addressed to meet expectations and help you identify areas that need improvement.

One of the first things you need to know about your new venture is how much it is worth and what percentage will you be giving to an investor in the event they decide to invest in your company. This tool will tell you the value of your company so you don't give away too much ownership.

Capitalization Tables
This cash-on-cash analysis provides a sophisticated method for analyzing the founders and investors percentage of ownership, equity dilution, value of equity in each investment round, and optimal rounds needed to reach an IPO.


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