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Whether you are looking for venture capital, helping businesses get venture capital, or investing capital we have a solution that is right for you. Click below to to find out how we can give you the tools you need for success!
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Venture Capital News


Tiny Singapore to revamp venture capital rules as it angles for a ...
Singapore, nicknamed the "little red dot," is eyeing a sliver of Silicon Valley's pie, aiming to attract venture capitalists to grow a stable of start-ups.

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Massive China deals lift Asian venture capital fintech funding to ...
Mega deals in China drove the total amount of funding raised by venture capital-backed financial technology start-ups in Asia to a record US$5.4 billion across ...

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The value of venture capital investors and the importance of physical infrastructure
Research we undertook over the last year was trying to empirically prove or disprove the idea that venture capital investors actually added value further to the capital they invested. We undertook the study predominantly in the U.S., with U.S ...

'Spotify For B2B' Has Big Funding Day
A startup described as “Spotify for B2B” secured $22 million in a venture capital funding round announced Friday (Feb. 17). The company, Soundtrack Your Brand, was launched by a former Spotify executive and a cofounder of Beats, now owned by Apple.

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Does VC Mean Venture Capital Or Very Concentrated?
At the risk of being shunned on Sand Hill Road, good business ideas can be found outside of Silicon Valley. And, dare I say it, there are also good businesses trying to start that don't make an app, gif or something somewhere within the internet of things.


Entrepreneurial Readiness
Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, but only those that combine them with the true ability to lead a business end up triumphant. This self-assessment survey evaluates your personal readiness level as an entrepreneur.

Risk Readiness
All new venture capital opportunities have a certain amount of risk, some more than others. This tool identifies the amount of risk in a venture or start-up seeking venture captial based on the circumstances, requirements and features of the business model.

Venture Readiness
In order to get the venture capital you need to launch your business, you need more than just a good idea.  You need to be thoroughly prepared and this tool does just that by walking you through steps necessary for a successful venture.

Business Plan Readiness
This tool allows you to see your business plan through the eyes of an investor.  Along the way, it will point out important areas that must be addressed to meet expectations and help you identify areas that need improvement.

One of the first things you need to know about your new venture is how much it is worth and what percentage will you be giving to an investor in the event they decide to invest in your company. This tool will tell you the value of your company so you don't give away too much ownership.

Capitalization Tables
This cash-on-cash analysis provides a sophisticated method for analyzing the founders and investors percentage of ownership, equity dilution, value of equity in each investment round, and optimal rounds needed to reach an IPO.


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